Wow, has it really been since December that we’ve posted anything? We haven’t been intending to neglect you, internet, but we’ve been busy writing new material.

Tonight in rehearsal we took a cell phone video of the first of eleven new songs we’ve got. It was solid enough that we figured hey, why not show it? So here it is. Love Letter To Every Living Thing. (read more…) just posted a huge interview with us. We hung out with them at our show at Silverlake Lounge a couple of months ago, and talked about all sorts of stuff, including some thoughts on our next record and how much we seem to love Refused. You can read the whole thing over at

Our music video for With You is out today. Our friend Johnny McHone did the animation. We’re grateful for the help of Janelle Delia, Mike Weil, and Elyse Molina for filming, editing, and color correction. Check it out! (read more…)

Three cities in three days was an absolute blast, and felt like a wonderful step forward. We met a lot of cool people and got to try out lots of new ideas. Thanks to Unraveled Artists and Bella Clarke, we also got a ridiculous number of great photos, the most important of which we’ve strung together into this: (read more…)

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