We’re writing.

A couple of days ago we booked a show at Five Star Bar in downtown LA for January 31, and realized that from now until then will be the longest stretch without playing a show we’ve had since we started playing live. While that might change, we figured we’d take the opportunity to tell you what else we’ve been up to since Where The Lights Meet came out besides playing live.

1. Writing new music.

We got one new song down in time for our single release show at the Mercury Lounge back in September, along with a cover, and have three more in the works.

2. Working on a video for With You.

Nick’s childhood friend Johnny McHone is a fantastic cartoonist and animator, and came out to a show a few months ago and said he’d be up for doing a video. We got the idea to put ourselves into cartoon land, and our friend Janelle Delia helped us set up a DIY greenscreen to film it. Our friend (and former BLPWSI roommate) Mike has been experimenting with animation and editing as well, and said he’d be up for taking a crack at putting it all together. It may be a while until this comes out, but Johnny’s clips already look awesome, and we’re excited already.

Annnnnd that’s it. Back to work.

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