We’re recording again. Here are some photos.

Last weekend we were back in the studio with our friend and producer-extrordinaire Nick Tipp to record a new single. It’s called Where The Lights Meet, and will be out in early October.

Recording was so much fun! For our first EP we recorded everything ourselves in Nick (Norton) and Craig’s apartment, and sent the stems to Mr. Tipp, who reamped, mixed, and rockified them beyond belief. This time around we decided to live track everything with him, and the sounds we got at his house are utterly enormous.

Nick (Tipp) baffled every window in his house and put diffusers in all the right spots for recording drums. Here’s a photo of Craig’s drum set in his living room:

Craig drum set, Nick Tipp's living room

Craig drum set, Nick Tipp’s living room

And here’s one of Nick’s amp in isolation under the house:

Nick's amp in crawlspace isolation

Nick’s amp in crawlspace isolation

There are a few more photos up in a gallery on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.393674717400934.1073741827.101183316650077&type=1&l=f268e63618. That’s a long link.

On Monday, after recording, we played a show at TRiP in Santa Monica with Dan Tumbleson and Orange Umbrella. We’ve wanted to play with both of them for a while, and both of their sets were killer, and we got asked to do our first encore! It was rad to see such a great crowd on a Monday. And it looks like Dan Tumbleson is going to take a crack at remixing a track for us. Cool.

FYF is tomorrow. Time to get inspired.

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