New Year, New Shirt

Late last year the fine folks over at Unraveled Artists asked us if they could use the lyrics to WLLBWSHN to make a shirt design. Of course we said yes. We’re pleased to announce that the shirt is now ready to ship, and comes with a download of the track. Here’s the design:

WLLBWSHN shirt design

The shirt, along with an interview, is up at The full lyrics for WLLBWSHN, which Craig penned, go a little something like this:

This, this is the best time. But this, this could be the last.


A touch, a fleeting glance. It happens all the time. But one day it will be the last time.


I thought we’d take our time. But what if we run out? Then we’ll be wishing that we’d lived first and stopped to think second.

You can also pick up this shirt in our website’s shop.

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