Here’s a new song

Wow, has it really been since December that we’ve posted anything? We haven’t been intending to neglect you, internet, but we’ve been busy writing new material.

Tonight in rehearsal we took a cell phone video of the first of eleven new songs we’ve got. It was solid enough that we figured hey, why not show it? So here it is. Love Letter To Every Living Thing. Lyrics are below the video.

Love Letter To Every Living Thing

Tuesday afternoons it’s tough to find a reason to be awake
It doesn’t hurt, but it feels pretty empty

I went to the woods to live deliberately
It was there I found that it was not for me
So I moved back to LA

Because I missed your face, and they say people make the place

Keep your head down, throw yourself in
If you’re in it then you’d better be in it to win
Haven’t you learned that’s a lie?

Stop trying so hard to do what’s right
It will only make it harder to sleep at night
Being groundless is a freedom I could use

I spend my money wrong
Focus too hard on writing songs
But at 4 AM when small towns sleep
With trade winds on the beach and just five strings
Being here now makes whatever road I took right

I know wherever I am is right for me right then
And wherever you might be is right for you

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